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Not quite sure where to start in terms of the best infrared grill for you?  Here is a quick summary:

The Charbroil family of infrared grills offers solid perfomance for the money. They offer two different burner designs, both of which have all metal construction that is both durable and low cost. Click here to read our Charbroil infrared grill review

The Solaire infrared grill is a great portable infrared grill.  It has powerful burners and solid construction, and comes in stainless steel varieties.  Read our Soliare infrared grill review to learn more.

If you want the very best, check out the TEC infrared grill.  It has an unusal glass-topped burner design that combines durability and control with super easy cleaning.  Make sure to read our TEC infrared grill review

There are a bunch of other infrared grills out there.  Our Infrared Gas Grill page lists additional information on other alternatives.

New infrared grills are always coming up.  If you are interested in an infrared grill review not seen here, please contact Contact us and we'll do a review.






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